Fast and Friendly Roof Repairs and Roofing Services in Buckinghamshire

All across Buckinghamshire there are examples of beautiful pitched roofs. Our highly qualified roofers often attend to them, providing much needed roof repairs and roofing services. On this page we have explained some of the most common problems pitched roofs suffer from.

If you are experiencing one of the below issues, or you require a pitched roof built from scratch, we urge you to get in touch with us. Clay Roofing Services travel all across Buckinghamshire, bringing competitive prices, free estimates and friendly customer service to those in need of roofing services and roof repairs.

Dislodged or Broken Slates or Tiles – The most common ailment afflicting pitched roofs. Slate or tiles often break or become dislodged following stormy weather. Other times it’s because an individual tile has been fitted poorly, the nails holding the tiles down are corroding, or the roof’s battens are rotting. All professional roofers are familiar with these types of roof repairs, and if you are looking for a company in Buckinghamshire to replace or refit dislodged or broken slates, then Clay Roofing Services can help.

Blocked Valleys or Cracked and Leaking Lead – Water can overflow as the result of a valley becoming blocked by debris. Our guttering and roof maintenance service can take care of this very routine issue. However, if the valley’s lead is cracked then this may result in the need for roof repairs. As a temporary solution, our roofers will use flashing tape to seal the leak. It is likely that the more permanent solution is to replace the lead. The lead valleys we install last a very long time, so as far as roofing services go it’s very cost effective.

Absent Mortar Causing Leakage – Many properties suffer from shoddy building work. It’s not uncommon for our roofers to encounter buildings where mortar is missing from roof verges, allowing water inside the roof space. Rectifying this problem is relatively simple, and involves stripping and rebidding the roof verge with new mortar, or repointing it in the case of slate roofs.

Damaged Guttering – If you’re in Buckinghamshire and need your guttering repaired, we can help. Loose guttering can cause leaks during storms and heavy rainfall. Depending on the severity of the issue, we will either reseal leaking joints or replace the piping itself.

Damaged Felt – Roofing felt, which provides extra layers of waterproofing under a roof’s exterior, can occasionally become damaged. We can carry out inexpensive roof repairs when it is a small, isolated area that is posing a problem. If large sections of the felt are damaged, then more extensive repairs may be required to the roof at-large.

Roof Space Condensation – If water is condensing in the roof space then this is usually down to a lack of ventilation. Either a roof ventilator can be installed, or the roofing felt can be swapped out for a breathable membrane. The latter option is more expensive, but also a far more effective, long-term solution.

These are just a few of the roof repairs our company can carry out. If you’re in Buckinghamshire and require any kind of roofing services, give us a call.

We can also deal with…

  • Damp, Wet and Rotting Roof Timbers
  • Sagging Roof Rafters and Purlins
  • Missing or Loose Torching
  • Moss on Roof Blocking Drainage Points
  • Broken or Slipped Ridge Tiles

So if you’re looking for a reliable, friendly provider of roofing services in Buckinghamshire, give us a call on 01908 749780. Our roofers are available for emergency roof repairs.