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Even with a 7-day forecast, you can’t predict what the weather will bring. Don’t worry, our skilled roofers in Luton are here to keep you fully covered during the rainy season. Our roofing services go that extra mile; we cater to emergency call-outs for all roofing repairs. Trust in our roofing contractors to keep you warm and dry.

We know it can be tricky to find trustworthy roofing companies in your local area but Clay Roofing Services Ltd has a fantastic reputation. Whether you have a domestic or commercial property in Luton, our roofing contractors can provide roofing repairs or build you a brand-new one from scratch!

A leaking roof is an age-old problem and one that our roofers deal with on a daily basis. No matter how old your property is, be on the look-out for signs of water damage. If you spot any, call our roofing contractors immediately.

What Causes a Leaking Roof?

It pays to spot water damage early so you can get the required roofing repairs before the situation worsens. If you’re unsure where your leak is coming from, roofing companies can quickly attend to your Luton home and discover the source of your problem. Here are some of the main causes for a leaky roof and how they can be fixed with our professional roofing services.

Wear and Tear from Age - Exposure to extreme temperature and weather conditions will weaken a roof over time, especially if you are located in an area with a lot of direct sunlight. If you have a felt roof installed, you’ll likely need roofing repairs over a shorter period of time than an EPDM roof. Our roofing contractors recommend EPDM to help prevent the aging process, due to its watertight capabilities.

The Shape of Your Roof - The angle of your roof indicates how quickly your property can deal with water run-off. If your Luton property has an oddly shaped roof, it may take longer for the rainwater to be cleared by your gutters.

Extreme Weather Damage - Our roofers can safely check to see if there are any worn or poorly fitted shingles damaged by the wind or rain. All good roofing companies will be able to replace any materials or install new shingles as part of their roofing services, and ours is no different.

Back-up of Debris in Your Gutters - Along with the changing of the seasons comes an excess of natural waste. This can cause Luton homeowners’ gutters to get blocked with leaves and debris. We know it can be a pain to get the ladder out and check. However, our roofers suggest that you clear your gutters on a regular basis. If left for too long, the debris will obstruct the flow of water and the surplus can create leaks. If you’d prefer to leave this potentially dangerous and time-consuming job to us, we’re more than happy to do it for you.

Holes and Cracks - There may be holes you are unaware of exposing your roof to the elements. Even if you’re not new to your Luton property, you will be surprised what can slip through the cracks. Roofing companies can search for any holes for previous television antennas, satellite dishes or cable connections that need a bit of sealant to plug them up.

Whatever roofing services you need at your Luton property, you can be confident that Clay Roofing Services Ltd is the best choice among all roofing companies in your area.

For any domestic or commercial roofing repairs around Luton, call Clay Roofing Services Ltd on 01908 749780 or 07974 385599. We’re roofing contractors you can rely on.