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Clay Roofing Services are a family-run roofers based on Plymouth Grove in Milton Keynes. We provide high quality, affordable roof repairs and roofing services to the Buckinghamshire area. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, our qualified and insured team can build you a pitched or flat roof out of the best materials on the market. Here we’ve answered a few questions on both flat and pitched roof construction. Construction is just one facet of our company, however. If you require any roof repairs or roofing services in Milton Keynes, we urge you to give us a call on 01908 749780.

What are the key differences between flat and pitched roofs?

A flat roof has a pitch which doesn’t exceed 15°> to the horizontal. While this is not truly flat, the slight angle allows rain water to fall off it. A pitched roof, on the other hand, falls between 15° and 70°.

What are cold roofs and warm roofs?

Warm flat roofs consist of waterproofing as an external later, followed by insulation, a vapour barrier, timber deck, wooden joist and then the plasterboard ceiling. A cold flat roof also starts with waterproofing, followed by timber deck, wooden joist, insulation, vapour barrier and plasterboard ceiling. In the case of pitched roofs, a cold roof features insulation above the ceiling, while a warm roof features insulation between roof rafters. The former keeps warmth in the house, while the latter keeps the warmth in the roof space.

Which materials are used in roof construction?

Roofers utilise a wide variety of materials to construct roofs around Milton Keynes. Pitched roofs generally consist of a breathable membrane, treated batten and clay, slate, concrete or thatch tiles. With flat roofs, a form of rubber sheeting called EPDM is usually employed alongside roofing felt. Each provides a layer of protection and insulation. If you are looking for a roofing services company to construct a roof for you, we can provide a full list of the materials we will be using on request.

Some terminology is confusing me, what is “lead flashing” and what are “valleys”?

Lead flashing is a waterproof seal that sits between the roof and brickwork. Our roofing services company is an expert in laying down lead flashing, and our roof repairs can also come to the rescue if your previous roofers weren’t! Valleys come in the form of GRP strips, lead lining or valley tiling, and they join two roof areas and safeguard against leaks.

If you have any questions regarding the roof repairs and roofing services our Milton Keynes based roofers carry out, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our friendly staff members would be more than happy to speak with you.

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