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If you own or operate a company in the UK, it pays dividends to have a working relationship with skilled and experienced roofing contractors; if you operate a premises like an office, workshop or retail outlet, then its roof will require regular maintenance and/or occasional repair, and if you ever look to expand or refurbish, then an altogether new roof may need to be constructed. Clay Roofing, based in Milton Keynes and covering nearby Luton, Buckinghamshire and indeed the wider UK, excel in every one of these areas.

Reasons our clients choose us over competing commercial roofers include our 20 years of experience, our 24/7 coverage for repairs, our long-term guarantees and committed approach to quality customer service. This includes no obligation, competitive quotes, and advice/assistance whenever you require it. So what are you waiting for? Call us today on 07974 385 599.

Construction, Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Roof Construction – Our roofing contractors are skilled in a range of construction techniques, specialising in felt and EPDM flat roofs, and pitched roofs built in situ. The former are ideal for smaller projects, with felt being a great budget material and EPDM a slightly more expensive, but typically longer lasting and better looking option. Pitched roof construction is suited to larger projects, e.g full new build schemes. We’ve handled roof construction for all sorts of types of commercial clients in Milton Keynes, Luton, Buckinghamshire and the wider UK, including: property developers, retailers, property maintenance companies and all types of office-based service providers.

Refurbishment – Many companies throughout the UK move into what initially appears to be a perfect premises for their particular requirements, but quickly find the roof is showing signs of its age. In many cases, we can refurbish pitched flat roofs to address these growing concerns, and safeguard your wider property from a roof failure. This can also lead to improved curb appeal and property value.

Maintenance – Having professional roofers check in on your system can prove invaluable. We can identify emerging issues and rectify them before they compromise the entire roof structure. It’s typically far more affordable, and certainly a lot less hassle, to invest in preventative measures than retroactive ones. These maintenance techniques include anti-corrosion work, should you spot signs of it inside or outside your roofing system.

Repair – Suffering a roof related malady? Our trained roofers have heaps of experience working with both pitched and flat roofing systems. We can provide ultra-fast and accurate diagnostics, and repair work that quickly solves the issue at hand. Please keep in mind that our round-the-clock roof repairs offering is a genuine 24/7 service – so whatever the time day or night, don’t hesitate in calling us.

Fascia & Soffits – Clay Roofing also serves as Milton Keynes, Luton and Buckinghamshire’s first choice for fascia and soffit repair and maintenance. These integral elements ensure that your roofline is 100% weatherproof and secure, and shouldn’t be neglected. We can replace faulty or badly damaged fascias and soffits, and repair those still salvageable. While we are most comfortable recommending and installing uPVC due to its resistance to issues like warping, rotting and similar problems timber suffers from, we are happy to work with the latter material in the case of heritage pitched roofs and similar structures.

To learn more about our commercial roofing services, or receive a quote for a desired job, call our roofers on 07974 385 599. We cover Milton Keynes, Luton and the UK at large!