Reputable Roofing Contractors in Milton Keynes | Pitched Roof Construction & Repair

While many modern roofers solely handle the installation of flat roofs, the Clay Roofing team has the training and experience necessary to design and construct stunning pitched roofs of the highest quality imaginable. Active not just in our principal service areas of Milton Keynes (our hometown), Luton and nearby Buckinghamshire, our roofing contractors in fact travel far and wide throughout the UK to offer truly national coverage.

Further down this page, we’ve looked at what goes into pitched roof construction, as well as some of the more common pitched roof repairs we carry out over the course of the average week. If you’d like to discuss a project you have in mind for us, or to have a burning question answered, don’t hesitate to call our highly qualified team of roofers on 07974 385 599

Pitched Roof Construction

There are two key methods that our roofing contactors employ to construct a quality pitched roof: cut and truss. The former is the more common and traditional of the two, and involves cutting all the requisite timber on site or “in situ”; roofers employing this method will gradually construct the roof through joining rafters, joists, purlins, and similar components such as ridge boards.

The latter technique is employed when, for one reason or another, this type of steady and gradual construction is impossible. It sees us pre-fabricate roof trusses which are transported to your site in Milton Keynes, Luton, Buckinghamshire or elsewhere in the UK, then erect them in one fell swoop. Our roofers will consult with you to figure out which option will best suit your particular needs.

Keep in mind that there are many different styles and designs of pitched roof. At Clay Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to construct them all, adapting designs to our clients’ wish lists. Some examples of pitched roof constructions we’ve built in the aforementioned principal service areas of Milton Keynes, Luton and Buckinghamshire, include:

  • Mono Pitch Roofs
  • Couple Roofs
  • Closed Couple Roofs
  • Collar Roofs
  • Purlin Roofs
  • Trussed Rafters
  • Large Section Trusses

Head over to our gallery page to see some examples for yourself. Key reasons to choose pitched roofing over flat roofing systems include the timeless and “premium” aesthetic, as well as the extra inhabitable areas they can create within the roof space.

Pitched Roof Repairs

Clay Roofing provides a genuine 24/7 pitched roof repair service to clients in Milton Keynes, Luton and Buckinghamshire. So if your roof has sprung a leak in the dead of night, you needn’t have to wait till the morning to get help, by which time half the house might be flooded!

Alongside urgent leaks, we deal with all sorts of wear and tear and also handle pitched roof refurbishments. This means if you have a very old roof that you like the character of, but which is starting to become structurally compromised, we can get it back to its old self without radically transforming your wider property.

Perhaps the most typical pitched roof repair involves replacing tiles and slate that have been damaged or fallen from the roof. This involves matching the slate/tile perfectly, so to avoid disrupting the unified aesthetic character of the roof. Structural damage due to inclement weather, warped timbers and similar problems can also be quickly diagnosed and dealt with, so if you’ve noticed something worrying don’t waste any time in contacting our roofers.

To discuss your project, receive a quote or have a question answered by one of our highly skilled, Milton Keynes based roofers, call Clay Roofing today on 07974 385 599.